These are earth-sciency software packages (only ones with a website) that I like to use:

  • BurnMan

    • A Python toolkit that computes physical properties for potential Earth and planetary compositions. Very flexible for many applications. 

  • ObsPy

    • This Python library can handle seismic data downloading and processing. Loads of features! 

  • AxiSEM 

    • Spectral element method to compute  global seismic synthetics.​ Uses axisymmetric velocity model for computational efficiency. 

  • Instaseis

    • This uses AxiSEM-produced databases to produce​ 'instantaneous' seismograms for 1D Earth models.

  • Mineos

    • Normal mode computations for 1D models to compute summed synthetic seismograms. ​

  • MSAT
    • Matlab Seismic Anisotropic Toolkit. Pretty much anything you want to do to an elastic tensor, you can do with this. ​

More geophysics software at Computational Infrastructure for Geodynamics

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